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עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

– Erev Shabbat Amidah

You are blessed
God of our Fathers
And of us.

You were new to Abraham
Isaac you gave life
Yakov fought for You.

In doing good
You raise us
To know how to love.
In You all is found.

We remember our fathers’ love
Which You bring
To our children
Because Your name is

Your are strength
And a guide
And shelter

Who sheltered Abraham,
Are blessed.

Timeless God
You show life to unsensing people
In many ways.
You show life to the living
You catch the falling
And tend the sick
Healing their wounds
Making their faith fresh
Each day
Until they lie in the dust.

Who is like You
Master of strength.
Who could be like You?

Understanding (You are)
Of death and life,
A guide on the way.
In You the living dead find faith
To be alive.
Giver of life
Your are blessed.

You create life
Your name creates life
In praise of you each day
Life is created.
Your are blessed,
Master of life-creation.

You exempted Shabbat from time
Providing a source of all life
In sky and on earth.

You give blessings on this day
More than on other days
Because you give the blessing of time
Of which we have record.

(It was finished
the sky
the earth
the dwellers
He finished before the seventh day
From the work He did
To renew himself for the work
Of creation
Which He does)

God of our fathers
And of us.
Help us to renew ourselves;
With your commandments
Create life.
Make us able
To follow your way
Happily, and
Cleanse our hearts
With truth.

Help us to make Shabbat
let all who take part
be renewed
and made one
with your Name.

Master of time.
You are blessed.

Be our God
Love us, and
take our prayers
into your house.
Give us a world
in which we can pray
your truth.

We say thanks
to You,
forever our God
and God of our many fathers.

In every time
You are
order in our lives
and shelter.

Traveling in life
your hands hold us steady.
Each day is a wonder
a finding of good
in the hours of the evening,
waking in the morning,
in the afternoon.

Always your mercy is in us
refueling us from that good source
of your limitless hope.

And in each separate praising
We will bless
And unify
Your name.

All who share life
Want to say thanks
They praise your name
Finding truth
In your strong guidance.

Whose Name is good
To whom thanks are offered,
Are blessed.

Put peace in our hearts
For good
For a blessing
On us
On Israel
On all Your people.

Brighten the world
With your teaching
Of life,
Which all may learn,
And practice
Every hour in every day.

Giver of peace
You are blessed.

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