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The ceasefire is good, but it comes without illusions of peace

Posted by rabbiart on November 22, 2012

The comment-ary, which is to say comments made in the press, on Twitter and everywhere, is a frightening combination of ill-informed, wishful thinking or flying in the face of reality.  “Talk to Hamas” everyone says Israel should do.  “What Israel should do to make peace” is what everyone wants to proclaim.  How many have actually read the Hamas charter?  Mein Kampf was published 87 years ago, in 1925.  Most of the world reacted with either “where do we sign up” or looked the other way.

Read the Hamas charter (in English) here – – and then tell me, are Israeli’s and Jews who support having one Jewish country among the world’s ~200 nations supposed to think “they’re just kidding”!

Smarter people than I have observed that the only way Israelis can believe that even cold peace is possible is to disbelieve every proclamation made by its enemies.  Can anyone really think that Hamas is “just kidding”?

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