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עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

Israel Bike Ride Program Events in SF Area – July 11 & 12

Posted by rabbiart on June 21, 2010

I’m very excited to say that my personal fund raising for the bike ride has crossed the $2,250.00 mark.  Even better, I’m hosting two evening events with a graduate and staff member of the Arava Institute – Ilana Meallem, on the above mentioned dates.  Its probably not prudent to put our home address visible, so email me (rabbiart @ if you’re interested in attending.  Here’s some info about Ilana, and some comments from her as well.

Resolving Environmental Issues in the Middle East &Building Bridges for Peace:  A Story of Personal Transformation

You’ll find Ilana Meallem wherever the peacemakers and ecologists roam, inspired by her experience at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (  She is one of the most remarkable “green” activists in the Middle East, inspiring, educating, promoting and drawing ecologically sound practices and integrated approached to peace. Following her graduate studies at the AIES/BGU Program, Ilana initiated the Bedouin Biogas and Women’s Health project and the EcoSpirit Middle East Initiative, which hosts retreats in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt for regional activists providing more holistic leadership tools. Ilana is currently spearheading the vision to build an ecologically sustainable retreat center in the area of the Judean Desert/Dead Sea that is easily accessible to Palestinians and Israelis alike.

“For peace work to be effective the inner cannot be separated from the outer and the healing of one cannot be separated from the healing of all life. The Middle East has been described as an acupuncture point for the healing of the world. If we manage to overcome the raging conflict here, remembering how to live together in respect and tolerance both with each other and in balance with the Earth –  we can create the world we wish to see!”.”

Ilana on the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

“At the Arava Institute, it was the first time I heard the personal stories of Palestinians, Jordanians and Arabs living in Israel. I trusted these accounts–they were not from books or newspapers but were personal histories from real people who had become my friends. Their stories opened my eyes to understand better the complexities of the region, whilst the skills I received through the academic program allowed me to grasp the political and environmental aspects from a more balanced place. I am forever grateful for this eye opener and the way the AIES has catapulted me into action on a scale I never dreamed was possible!!”


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