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עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

כִּי תִשָּׂא – Mitzvot in this Parshah

Posted by rabbiart on March 13, 2009

According to Sefer HaHinuch there are nine mitzvot in this parshah; four positive and five negative. The mitzvot are
105 – To give half a shekel each year. It applies to all (male) Israelites from the age of twenty and up. It is based on Shemot 30:13.

106 – To rinse our hands and feet when ministering in the sanctuary. It applies to the kohanim and is based on Shemot 30:19-20.

107 – To make anointing oil for each high priest and king. It is an obligation for the community and is based on Shemot 30:31.

108 – That no outsider (anyone not a kohen or King) should be anointed with the anointing oil. It is based on Shemot 30:32 and applies to both adult men and women.

109 – Not to make the anointing oil according to the scriptural formula. It applies to adult men and women. According to the Gemara, anointing oil was never produced except the oil that Moshe miraculously made in the wilderness. So how do we have anointing oil to use when needed? Miraculously, it was “self-replenishing”; whatever was used for anointing was automatically refilled, and there will be oil when the Mashiach comes and the Temple is rebuilt. it is based on Shemot 30:32.

110 – Not to make incense according to the Torah’s formula. The incense works the same way as the anointing oil, and the mitzvah is based on Shemot 30:37.

111 – Not to eat or drink of anything offered up to an idol. This mitzvah applies in all times and places and to both men and women. It is based on Shemot 34:12 and 34:15.

112 – To let the land lie fallow during the Shmitah year. This mitzvah is very similar to what our author describes in Mitzvah 84 that occurs in Parshat Mishpatim. The Shmittah year applies to both men and women, but only in the land of Biblical Israel, and only when Israel is occupied according to the dictates of the Torah. This mitzvah is based on Shemot 34:21, and Mitzvah 84 is based on Shemot 23:11.

113 – Not to eat meat and milk that were cooked together. It applies to all of Israel and is based on Shemot 34:21.


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