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עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

Wow… and wow… and wow again, or I survived at 39 MPH

Posted by rabbiart on November 17, 2008

Coming to you – alive – (baruch hashem) – from the Isrotel on the beach in Eilat, after an amazing and scary downhill kamikaze ride on the approach to Eilat from 2650 feet above speed level (Freudian slip – I mean sea level).  We can skip the part about how I stopped three times to let my brakes and wheels cool off, and to let my heart pounding pulse calm down, and let my hands rest from squeezing the brakes – or not  If you don’t squeeze the brakes, pretty soon you’d be going fifty, or sixty or more miles per hour down the two lane curving road. Plus, you would miss all the incredible scenery.

This has been “the experience of a lifetime”… except that I am already planning on returning to Aretz Yisrael in 2010 and doing it again.  The people that we met, the sights that we saw, the rides together that we had, the Shabbat that we experienced; all of these things will remain with me for a long, long, time.

Some of you out there are bike riders, supporters of Israel, or both.  Come join me, and stand ankle deep in Yam Suf at the end of a physically – and even moreso spiritually – uplifting and exhilarating five day trip that lasts forever and is over way too, too soon.


2 Responses to “Wow… and wow… and wow again, or I survived at 39 MPH”

  1. Warren said

    You can say that again! so I will: baruch hashem. Well Bro, first of all I’m glad to learn you are still alive, though from your description of the ride, it might be a good idea to check (that you are still alive, that is) once or twice a day for the next few days. Just kidding, that photo looks great. Next of all, 2010 sounds good; lets talk when you get back. Third of all, since we won’t know if you’ll be available to facilitate Eikev for the Chavurah on 12/13, I’ll prepare to do it. If you are available, and if you want to, we might try a tag team facilitation.

    All the best to you and Carol,

  2. Justin said

    That must have been a really great experience. Glad you did not crash and burn!
    (I bet you could have done 40)

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