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עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

It’s a small world after all

Posted by rabbiart on November 9, 2008

We got up this morning and thought we would skip trying to get in a tour of the Bahai Gardens, as it didn’t seem to be working. (We never made a reservation).  But we decided to walk by the gate and see what was available. The noon tour in English had room, so we decided to skip around Haifa instead of training down to Tel Aviv first thing in the morning.  We got to the tour and were let through the gate into the waiting room.

Somehow a conversation got started with a couple sitting also waiting and led to the inevitable “where are you from” from a couple sitting next to us.  The answers went something like this:

“Chicago”, Carol and I replied.

Art and Anne Ruffer and Bahai Gardens

” I’m from Chicago, where in Chicago” from this woman.

“I’m from Skokie”, I replied.

“Get out! I’m from Skokie, where did you go to school” ( these may not be the precise words, but definitely the feeling).

“I went to high school at Niles North”, I replied.

“No! I went to North, how old are you?”.

“I’m older than you are, we probably didn’t overlap, when did you graduate? I graduated in 68.”

etc. … and finally… “where did you live? did you live on a K street?” (Skokie has a whole series of streets, the names of which start with “K”, one right after another).

“On Kilbourn, across from Devonshire Park.”
“No way, I lived on Kolmar (onestreet over).

End result – My newest old friend I never met before – Ann Ruffer, who lived a grand total of 100 yards away from me. On the same block!!

Art and Anne Ruffer and Bahai Gardens

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