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עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

From Haifa to Tel Aviv – and a cool room on the beach

Posted by rabbiart on November 9, 2008

So after shmying around with our newest old friends Dr. Mickey Leibowitz and Anne Ruffer – we all went up the Carmelit to near our hotel and had felafel, retrieved our bags from the Dan Panorama, and shared a taxi.  We dropped them off at Elijah’s cave and went to the Hof HaCarmel train station.  Security is everywhere of course, and we had to show our passports and be interrogated at the entrance as Israelis shoved their way by us, dumping their backpacks and such on the x-ray conveyer.  Finally, we were allowed to do likewise, got inside and bought our tickets; catching the train with only minutes to spare.

The train is a double decker, so we climbed up with all our baggage to the upper level and managed to find seats, and then proceded to eavesdrop on a variety of conversations going on all around us in Ivrit.  Not on purpose of course, but it was impossible to avoid.  Israelis have a great collection of ringtones!  We had to more or less guess – by consulting google maps – at which Tel Aviv station to exit the train to minimize the taxi fee to the hotel.  Shlepping all our bags out of the station was a chore, and I’m looking forward to getting to the Jerusalem hotel and not having to do that any more!

Tel Aviv - Looking south from our hotel room
Tel Aviv – Looking south from our hotel room

We got to the Tel Aviv Park Plaza Orchid and up to our room, which turned out to be incredibly luxurious, actually a “Junior executive suite.”  When I made the reservation over the Internet, I thought that was just a fancy term for “a room.” Instead we have a nice seating area with AEG (not the investment company, that’s AIG) flat screen TV mounted on the wall, a couch, a sofa, a table and chairs, microwave, refrigerator.  Bummer is that we’re only here one night!!  And a bedroom with a King Size Bed!  and another flat screen HDTV. Too bad I don’t speak German, Spanish, Polish (I’m guessing) and a couple of other languages.  Oh well, Springsteen strikes again – 57 channels and nothing on.  But we didn’t come all this way to watch TV.

Later today… on to Jerusalem!


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