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עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

Three Days to Go

Posted by rabbiart on November 2, 2008

To the Israel ride, I mean.  So this morning we got out the Jet Lag Diet book and looked up what procedure we should follow. Of course its complicated because of the layover in Newark. So we leave Tuesday night (we’re on the “vote and fly” program) and get to Newark Wednesday morning. Then we leave Wednesday later afternoon and get to Ben Gurion airport Thursday morning Israel time.  The first leg is three timezones, and the second leg is seven timezones.  So we (Carol) figured out we should follow the 7-8 hours program.

We started making piles for packing, and of course, the sports bag I want for hauling my gear on the actual ride, is nowhere to be found.  Who knows the last time I used it? (Who knows one, one is the…whoops wrong holiday).

Since Friday I’ve had my computer turned to FM Radio 103 in Israel, “radio without interruption”. Just tuning the ears to Israeli Hebrew. This morning I got up (an hour early because I forgot the time had changed) and it was playing some advice show. And I’ve got my computer set to 24-hour clock with Israel time as the primary timezone.  Hope I don’t miss any business appointments tomorrow and Tuesday!

Right now the conversation (on the Israel radio station) is – surprise, surprise – about the U.S. election.


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