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עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

The Israel Ride Countdown – Four Days to Go

Posted by rabbiart on October 31, 2008

Everybody in the U.S. is counting down to Election Day, when one way or another things will quiet down. We’re counting down to that one (no reference intended), but we’re also counting down for when we leave for Israel. Can I say – motzei Election Day?  We fly out Tuesday night to EWR (aka the beautiful Newark airport) and then we take off for Israel at (scheduled departure) 3:50 PM Wednesday afternoon.

Right now my computer is running on Israel time as we fill up our calendar with appointments.  And I’m weaning myself off coffee/caffeine in preparation for the Jet Lag Diet Sunday thru Tuesday.  After watching Carol use the JLD and fly to several continents without any jet lag, I became a believe when we went to England for a wedding and she forgot to do it.  I had always thought it was a myth because Carol would sleep the whole flight while I fidgeted next to her.  So why would she be tired on arrival?  But on that trip she was jet lagged like a normal person!  Sometimes a counter-example is the most convincing.

I’m pounding on the last intense training because once we leave I won’t ride a bike for almost a week.  So I’ve got my bike inside on a trainer (thanks David Sherman!), and I’ve been pedaling like a crazy person.  Last night I did an hour straight, followed by a half hour with only a ten minute break in between. (You do NOT want to try this at home).

We just got our temporary Israel phones, which apparently will only work once we’re in Israel, because I set them side by side to try them out, and I could dial, but not receive.

Next up – piling up the clothes and gear, laying out everything in suitcases, and making sure I have the right tools to take my pedals off the bike and bring them with.  Are we excited? You betcha (ooh, those Palinism’s hurt) and I’m not winkin.


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