Make a Fixed Time for Study

עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

Out of the CAJE

Posted by rabbiart on August 14, 2008

We could be holding a mini-CAJE here at the Burlington airport. The food kiosk inside of security has sold out of all its veggie wraps and tuna sandwiches. I talked to a porter who was refilling the shelves and she told me that there is nothing vegetarian left in the entire airport. OK, that’s two food kiosks and a restaurant, but you get the idea.

The biggest challenge in returning from the CAJE experience is limiting the number of ideas you try to implement. I heard and saw enough good ideas and techniques to last quite a while. And that doesn’t even begin to address getting funding to bring in all the incredible teachers, storytellers and musicians to liven up the life of the shul. What I’d love to do…

  • start each religious school student making her own siddur (see next bullet)
  • re-invent how we daven in religious school and erev shabbat to return to the original intent of the liturgy and role of the hazzan.(see next bullet)
  • return to “improvisational prayer”. For example, keep only the last five words of the first evening brachah, and at each service, have someone from the congregation describe his “sunset” or “evening” moment, ten conclude with the hatimah (signature, or standard ending). Beginning in the pre-hebrew school grades, teach each student to express her own version of the prayer which their class is learning.
  • teach trope, which is to say, really teach trope
  • bring back the maven who interprets the torah – see Storahtelling

See, there are already too many ideas to do at once…. or maybe not.


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