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עשה תורתך קבע – אמור מעט ועשה הרבה

Into the CAJE – Monday

Posted by rabbiart on August 11, 2008

This week I’m attending CAJE (Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education).  I go sit down in a session and someone introduces himself to me and says he’s from Providence.  So of course I ask him “Do you know Alan Flam” who is the only person I know in Providence.  What’s the reply?  Of course I know Alan; he davens at my shul sometimes. (I’m not sure if Mark actually spoke a semi-colon, but, what the heck.)

It’s the nature of conferences that in one time slot there is nothing you want to hear, but at the next time slot there are four speakers that are all compelling.  At least I had the benefit of getting a “speaker debrief” from my sister Ruth, who is a long-time veteran of CAJE.  So that helped.  At the moment I’m waiting for the StorahTelling founder to show up for his session. Once he arrived, the session was incredible!  Almost beyond description; the revival of a form of Torah teaching that has been lost for 1,000 years.

This morning, of course, I went to hear Alan Morenis, and was happy to see he had a full room, and people were hanging on his every word.  In keeping with the theme of the prior paragraph, Jack Wertheimer couldn’t get here because of the weather.  This meant I didn’t get to hear the presentation of research on synagogue supplemental schools, which was the most “on-point” session I was planning to attend.


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